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Buy poison for poisoning In the 90s, at the time of degradation in the CIS, methods of eliminating interfering people with the help of killers were popular, then the killers themselves were eliminated just in case, you never know what they would think, for example, in a bathhouse under a beer, they say something superfluous and went it went to the local district police officer ... Now buying poison for poisoning has become incredibly easy, let's talk about the only place where you can buy it.

It is becoming more popular to use less loud and covert assassination methods. Various slow-acting poisons come to the rescue. Although, as they say, everything is new, well forgotten, old, poisons were used in civilized countries: ancient Egypt, in Europe in the Middle Ages. In those years, there was no medicine, like a forensic medical examination, from which no one would say for sure, so any kind of death could be ordered from chemists of those times: slow and painful, quick and painless, in a dream, from a heart attack, etc.

Now, due to modern methods of detecting the cause of death, it has become more difficult to poison a person, especially those who, if suddenly die, will immediately think of poisoning. The rat poison from the store will not work, the medical examiner will immediately find its remnants in the blood or by organ damage during autopsy.

Therefore, using chemical poisons: cyanide, methyl mercury, arsenic is not safe from a legal point of view. They remain in the body after death and the external signs are learned by heart by forensic experts.

I mine carefully selected organic poisons, long-acting and synthesize some masking serum as a supplement. Why invent something yourself if nature has done everything?

Poisons are very easy to poison, news about the death of a grandmother from poisoning with low-quality meat from the market, who lived alone in a 2-room apartment, often leaks in the regional news ...

What proof can you get from me that I'm not a student who created a website that sells air in order not to starve to death? In addition to the fact that when communicating with me, you will immediately understand that this is not so, I will attach a photo of my laboratory (at the top of the page)

My mail:

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Let's look at poisons in order of increasing stealth:

  1. Cyanide, a chemical poison, death occurs when 1g is consumed in 1-2 minutes, when 150mg is consumed in 5-6 hours, ideal for suicide, because 100% of it will be found on forensic medical examination it is EXTREMELY not recommended for murder, besides effective the antidote is alcohol and sugar, which decompose it in the stomach. The advantage is the low price: $ 1,500 per 1 g.
    Buy cianide online
  2. Ricin - an organic poison, consists of two proteins, one protein is responsible for penetration into the cell, the second turns off the ribosomes in the cell, death from general organ failure. There is a version with a disguise, which makes the poison harder to find at autopsy, but I would advise using other poisons. Pure substance price $ 2,000, masked version $ 3,000
    Buy ricin online
  3. Digitotoxin - digitalis glycosides are a medicine for the heart, but as the saying goes, the difference between the medicine and the poison is in quantity. If the dose is exceeded, sudden cardiac death may occur after a few hours, if a person uses it as a medicine, then an overdose can be invisibly provoked. Price for 1g (5-6 doses) 5,000 $ it is impossible to disguise this poison.
    buy poison online
  4. Amanitotoxin - an extract of a pale toadstool, there are cases when people plucked a toadstool in the forest, threw it out and then ate pies in the clearing without washing their hands and died. A microscopic amount of poison on the hands is enough to cause death, this is used when there is no way to mix poison into food. Death occurs from liver or kidney failure, because the synthesis of proteins that are needed to restore their cells is disrupted. Price of pure poison for 150mg (15 doses) - $ 7,000 with masking $ 10,000
    buy Amanitotoxin
  5. Extract of heliotrope opuscheplodny, contains heliotrin and lysiocarpine, which accumulate in liver cells and cause their death and replacement with adipose tissue - liver cirrhosis. The process takes 3-5 weeks, without severe symptoms and signs of poisoning! Just a slow extinction, later signs of cirrhosis appear, when it’s too late the doctors will drag the “patient” for all sorts of meaningless analyzes and treatments, but only a liver transplant will help and then if they figure it out in time. This is an elite and expensive poison (to get 1 dose, 5 kg of seeds are required) to eliminate dignitaries, so it costs accordingly, the price for 5g (3 doses, will be packaged) $ 12,000, for the version with masking serum $ 25,000
    buy poison that won't be found at an autopsy
  6. Scopolamine also appeared, in films it is called truth serum, it should be used very carefully and at your own peril and risk! Dose 0.5-2mg, price for 10mg $ 1,500
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